Excerpts of the Twitter chat on Stigma associated with Breast Cancer in India

After having been a part of numerous Google hangouts & twitter chats related to the global Breast cancer scenario in the past, I (@docrohan) finally got a chance to discuss the Indian scenario with a film-maker (who is in the process of shooting a film on breast cancer – @1001BCnights) & two Indian breast cancer survivors & breast cancer advocates (@lathasrinivasan & @alpana_u). We had an active twitter chat lasting almost one hour, where we discussed about the various issues being faced by breast cancer patients in India.

The excerpts of the twitter chat can be read by following this link – https://storify.com/Realtalkies/bcindia-twitter-chat

Our next chat is on 17th July and we expect another active & informative twitter chat on that day.



Sweetest gift

Can't get sweeter than this

Can’t get sweeter than this

A very old breast cancer patient came to my OPD one day and started crying. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer at a hospital close to her village but because she could not afford treatment in a private hospital, she came to Delhi for free treatment. After examining her, I explained to her the treatment plan and got her investigated for surgery.

Within a couple of weeks we operated her and she went on to receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy afterwards. Following the completion of her treatment, I did not see her for a few months.

Then one day I reached the OPD slightly late as I was taking care of a sick patient in the ward and as I was approaching my room, I was greeted by the same lady with her short curly hair (this is what chemotherapy does to the hair…will write a post about this sometime later) and a wide smile on her face.

Once I settled down in my chamber, she came rushing in and put this huge packet on the table and said that it was for me. When I told her that I could not accept it, she became very sad and said that she had carried it 150 kms specially to gift it to me and insisted that I open it in front of her. I eventually gave in to her request and what I saw when I unwrapped the packet was really overwhelming. Inside it was a 2 kg fresh jaggery cake, which this lady had carried specially for me and I was very touched by her gesture. It truly was the SWEETEST GIFT I have ever received from a patient and that too from someone who was having difficulties funding her own treatment.

Sometimes the smallest gestures turn out to be the sweetest ones. 

Breast Cancer Awareness

Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Support Breast Cancer Awareness

I am sharing the picture of this beautiful pink flower in an endeavour to spread awareness about Breast Cancer in India. In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope and hope gives courage to Breast Cancer patients to fight the disease.