Lessons from nature by Dr. Rohan Khandelwal

How badly do you want to succeed?

I clicked this picture a year and a half back and this one moment is associated with a lot of life teachings.

This juvenile tailor bird, while learning how to fly, landed in my balcony. Being an avid bird photographer, I immediately took out my camera and quietly started observing (and clicking) the little one’s repeated attempts to make it over the railing.

In between, the mother kept coming and encouraging the young one but after 30-40 mins of struggle, the little one gave up and found shelter besides a huge pot.

Minutes later, the mother appeared with a treat for the young one and after feeding him, she started coaxing the young one to try once more.

Finally, with the help of the mother, the young one flew from one balcony to the other.

The entire saga lasted for about 1.5 hours (and I skipped my meal) to click at least 200 pictures but this is the one which made my day.

Lessons which I learnt from this moment

  1. You need to be patient to achieve big results and never be scared of failure during this path to success
  2. If you don’t want something badly, you will give up without a fight. So have a burning desire to achieve your goal
  3. Every now and then you need somebody to mentor you/ give you a push. Identify the right person and have full faith in them.

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Thank You Doctor!

bigstock-young-child-holding-thank-you-37152475The signboard which clearly stated that it was the office of ‘Dr. Nausheen Khan’ glistened after the compounder wiped it with a damped cloth. The nailed signboard was the only thing that made that ugly wooden door worth looking at. It was the 1st of July, 2016 and the cuckoo clock was readying itself to make that annoying noise that it always made when the time was 9.00 am.

The waiting area had already accommodated 3 patients and a kid who was busy saving Mario’s princess on his Gameboy. ‘Umair’ the sticker which was on the back of his Gameboy read. The wait of the patients didn’t last long and at 5 past 9, Dr. Khan entered her cabin. After a minute or two, the compounder came out of the cabin and told the woman who was combing the kid’s hair that she could go in and see the doctor.

The woman, who must be in her early 30’s told her son, Umair, that she’ll be back in 10 minutes and to not go anywhere. He nodded, without even paying heed to what had been said to him. 8 minutes passed since his mom went inside the cabin but Umair was still not able to clear the stage on which he had spent the past 30 minutes. He got irritated and reached for his bag which sat upright on the seat beside him. He threw the Gameboy inside his bag carelessly and started searching his bag for something.

He seemed to struggle with whatever he was trying to find and finally stopped when something purple in color fell from his bag. He kept his bag on the empty seat beside him and got up to pick up the thing wrapped in purple paper. Just as he bent to pick it up, something else caught his eye. Only a few steps away from him was lying a piece of paper which seemed more like a pamphlet. It had footprints over it, raising questions about its importance.

He picked up the purple thing and then directed his countable steps towards that paper which had been abandoned by someone. He picked it up and shrugged off the footprint from it. ‘Happy Doctor’s Day’ he mumbled to himself while carefully examining the sheet of paper. It had that day’s date and ‘Have you thanked your doctor today?’ printed on it. He heard the cabin door open and turned around to see his mother coming out.

‘You still haven’t eaten the chocolate? If you didn’t want to eat it then why did you create such a ruckus at the general store that time?’ She said in a condescending tone. She grabbed his hand and started walking towards the exit. Umair, with an innocent smile on his face, freed his hands and jogged towards Dr. Khan’s cabin.

Before his mom could utter a word to stop him he had already opened the door of the cabin and was greeted by an expected question from the doctor. ‘What happened son?’ She asked. With the innocent smile still intact on his face, he moved towards her and gave her the chocolate wrapped in the purple cover.

She took the chocolate with a surprised look and let her mouth speak her mind. ‘What is this for?’ She asked in a happy tone. ‘I just wanted to thank you for keeping my mom healthy’ and after a pause ‘Happy Doctor’s Day’ he gratefully said. Dr. Khan was awestricken and wasn’t able to find words for a reply.

She wiped a tear which purposely kissed her cheek, revealing the impact that gesture had on her. All she managed to say was ‘Thank you’ in very soft tone. Umair gave her a smile which revealed all of his 25 teeth and merrily walked back to his mom. Her mom, patted her son as he came and said ‘Come, let’s buy you another chocolate.’

They left the clinic and so did the footprint on the paper. Both left a lesson behind.

A step towards greenery 

Delhi NCR’s pollution is increasing day by day and this is leading to a multitude of health problems among the population. 

According to a report, yesterday was the most polluted day of the year and this is bound to get worse as the winters progress. 

For a better and cleaner future, all of us have to make a sincere effort and it doesn’t need to be a giant leap. Even a small step towards greenery will go a long way in achieving this goal.

I saw this boot outside somebody’s’ house during my recent trip to New Zealand and was quite impressed by the idea. We also need to think out of the box to come up with more green solutions for our country and combat the rising pollution.

Go Green and Prevent Pollution!

Lessons from Nature #1

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When I started doing bird photography, there used to so many instances when the bird used to fly away just as I was about to click it or the picture used to come out hazy. It was frustrating initially and many times I thought that I will never get a chance to click that particular bird again. But, with time I realized that patience does pay off.
This quote by Aristotle is so true “Patience is bitter but it’s fruit is sweet”. This is exactly what wildlife photography has taught me. There is a right time for everything and only after a lot of patience and hard work, does that moment arise.
So don’t lose hope and keep working towards your goal. Be patient when you are going through a rough patch, because ultimately you will come out on top. When the right moment comes, it will be magical…just like this pic!!

Yellow Fotted Green Pigeon

Yellow Fo0ted Green Pigeon

End of the South Indian Sojourn

Leaving Bangalore after the end of my fellowship turned out to be quite an emotional affair. This was the first time I was away from home for so long and my seniors and colleagues in the department made me feel quite comfortable during the tenure of my course.

Working with each one of them turned out to be an amazing experience in which I learned the necessary skills in the best possible atmosphere and I am definitely going to miss all of them in the future.

Now looking forward to my next stint in America. 🙂


With Dr. Anthony - one of the best surgeons I have worked under...cool, calm and composed


With Dr. Archana - who was always willing to teach and help


Meera ma'am - who was an important link between the doctors and the patients. Learnt a lot about life from her.


Breast care nurses - the most dedicated lot I have seen. They were responsible for the seamless functioning of the unit.