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Support the healthcare workers during COVID19 outbreak

Healthcare workers across the world are fighting an unprecedented battle against coronavirus. The least we can do is to support them and appreciate their efforts.

Imagine a soldier returning from battle – he would be welcomed with open arms and would be pampered by friends/ family members. Is that the same happening with doctors who are risking their lives daily and working in sup-optimal conditions for 24-48 hours at a stretch. No!! Not at all. Resident doctors and PG’s are being asked to vacate their hostel/ PG accommodations because the landlords are scared that they might bring infection into the house. Their rooms are not being cleaned, they are not being served proper food. Would we do the same thing with a soldier as well??

All healthcare workers appreciated the public display of support on Sunday but is a single time act of kindness enough to support these brave souls who are risking their lives everyday? As a doctor, it is my humble request to the general public to please support all healthcare workers on a regular basis during these tough times.

– Say a simple ‘thank you’ to these people. It will help in keeping their spirits high

– Don’t ask them to vacate their rooms. They are well aware of the risks and none of them would want to infect their friends/ family members

– Stop hoarding masks/ hand sanitizers/ essential medicines. You would be surprised to know that a lot of doctors don’t have access to proper PPE’s. They are having to do with cloth masks which offer little or no protection while treating patients. Hydrochloroquine has disappeared of shelves and it is unavailable to a lot of health care workers.

– Listen to the precautions they are highlighting on a regular basis. That is the only way to reduce the spread of this condition.

These are tough times for everyone. Least we can do is to support our #COVIDwarriors at this time.

Dr. Rohan Khandelwal

A doctor, teacher and a concerned citizen

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