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Is it sexual harassment? 

Just got a very interesting message from a patient of mine:

Should I call it sexual harassment ? Whenever I tell people I have breast cancer👙 they look at my breasts and keep guessing which one 🤔
While I do not bother to look at others kidney, prostate or rectum.

These warriors are already battling this dreaded illness and they need our full support but the society just makes them more conscious of their disease.
Would love to know your views regarding this.

One thought on “Is it sexual harassment? 

  1. During my treatments I definitely noticed both men and women looking at my breasts, a lot. Since my hair grew back, not so much. Because I had a single mastectomy, I do not use a prosthetic, and because I am quite large breasted, I worried that I would get even more looks post surgery. The reality is that it no longer seems like my breast is getting extra looks, in fact I would guess that very few people even notice when meeting me that I am one breasted.

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