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From scratch to becoming one of the top 100 Oncology blogs in the world

After a hectic day of work in Bangalore, I was having a casual discussion with Dr. Sumer Sethi, who is one of the most influential doctors on the internet & a great motivator. During our discussion, he encouraged me to start writing a blog about my experiences as a Breast Surgeon. Breast Surgery was a relatively new branch at that time and Dr. Sethi was of the opinion that a blog would be a great medium to create awareness about Breast Cancer & my experiences as a Surgeon. That is when ‘Random Reflections of a Breast Surgeon‘ was born.

Initially, it was quite difficult for me to take out time to write blogs but gradually it became a habit and I started enjoying it. In due course of time, the blog became really popular among patients suffering from Breast diseases and medical students aspiring to become surgeons.

Every now and then, encouraging messages from patients, well-wishers and students have motivated me to keep on pushing the boundaries of my blog. The latest recognition by Feedspot of nominating my blog as one of the Top 100 Oncology Blogs in the World has just strengthened my resolve to continue spreading my experiences with the world.

In the last few months, I have started encouraging patients/ students/ doctors to share their experiences on my blog and if anyone is interested in highlighting their work, you can email it to me on rohankhandelwal@gmail.com. Also for patients, I have also launched by new website – http://www.breasthealth.in , which provides details about all Breast Diseases & their management.

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5 thoughts on “From scratch to becoming one of the top 100 Oncology blogs in the world

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for extending your care of patients to the world. It is wonderful you have been recognized for it.
    Regards from a post mastectomy gal in North America

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