Endopredict vs Oncotype Dx for Breast Cancer

A new test, called EndoPredict, can predict the risk of a woman’s breast cancer spreading within 10 years of diagnosis more accurately than the current Oncotype Dx test. Also, research found that the results can be made available more quickly.
A study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, compared EndoPredict with Oncotype DX. Both tests can predict whether breast cancer will spread in women with oestrogen receptor positive, HER2 negative (ER+/HER2-) disease. This is a sub-type of breast cancer that accounts for about two-thirds of all cases.
The new EndoPredict test analyses eight different genes found in a sample of a patient’s tumour. This information, as well as the size of the patient’s tumour and their nodal status – whether the cancer has spread from the breast to their lymph nodes – are then used to determine the patient’s risk of their breast cancer spreading in the next 10 years.
An ‘EPclin’ score categorises patients into low- and high-risk groups. Patients placed in the high-risk group would be recommended to have chemotherapy, but those in the low-risk group could be spared this treatment – and the debilitating side effects associated with it.
In the study it was found that EndoPredict was more accurate and the results were available faster as compared to the conventional Oncotype Dx test.
Points to remember:
1. EndoPredict is meant for early breast cancers which are ER, PR positive (same as Oncotype Dx)
2. It analyses 8 genes as compared to 21 in Onctoype Dx

Thank You Doctor!

bigstock-young-child-holding-thank-you-37152475The signboard which clearly stated that it was the office of ‘Dr. Nausheen Khan’ glistened after the compounder wiped it with a damped cloth. The nailed signboard was the only thing that made that ugly wooden door worth looking at. It was the 1st of July, 2016 and the cuckoo clock was readying itself to make that annoying noise that it always made when the time was 9.00 am.

The waiting area had already accommodated 3 patients and a kid who was busy saving Mario’s princess on his Gameboy. ‘Umair’ the sticker which was on the back of his Gameboy read. The wait of the patients didn’t last long and at 5 past 9, Dr. Khan entered her cabin. After a minute or two, the compounder came out of the cabin and told the woman who was combing the kid’s hair that she could go in and see the doctor.

The woman, who must be in her early 30’s told her son, Umair, that she’ll be back in 10 minutes and to not go anywhere. He nodded, without even paying heed to what had been said to him. 8 minutes passed since his mom went inside the cabin but Umair was still not able to clear the stage on which he had spent the past 30 minutes. He got irritated and reached for his bag which sat upright on the seat beside him. He threw the Gameboy inside his bag carelessly and started searching his bag for something.

He seemed to struggle with whatever he was trying to find and finally stopped when something purple in color fell from his bag. He kept his bag on the empty seat beside him and got up to pick up the thing wrapped in purple paper. Just as he bent to pick it up, something else caught his eye. Only a few steps away from him was lying a piece of paper which seemed more like a pamphlet. It had footprints over it, raising questions about its importance.

He picked up the purple thing and then directed his countable steps towards that paper which had been abandoned by someone. He picked it up and shrugged off the footprint from it. ‘Happy Doctor’s Day’ he mumbled to himself while carefully examining the sheet of paper. It had that day’s date and ‘Have you thanked your doctor today?’ printed on it. He heard the cabin door open and turned around to see his mother coming out.

‘You still haven’t eaten the chocolate? If you didn’t want to eat it then why did you create such a ruckus at the general store that time?’ She said in a condescending tone. She grabbed his hand and started walking towards the exit. Umair, with an innocent smile on his face, freed his hands and jogged towards Dr. Khan’s cabin.

Before his mom could utter a word to stop him he had already opened the door of the cabin and was greeted by an expected question from the doctor. ‘What happened son?’ She asked. With the innocent smile still intact on his face, he moved towards her and gave her the chocolate wrapped in the purple cover.

She took the chocolate with a surprised look and let her mouth speak her mind. ‘What is this for?’ She asked in a happy tone. ‘I just wanted to thank you for keeping my mom healthy’ and after a pause ‘Happy Doctor’s Day’ he gratefully said. Dr. Khan was awestricken and wasn’t able to find words for a reply.

She wiped a tear which purposely kissed her cheek, revealing the impact that gesture had on her. All she managed to say was ‘Thank you’ in very soft tone. Umair gave her a smile which revealed all of his 25 teeth and merrily walked back to his mom. Her mom, patted her son as he came and said ‘Come, let’s buy you another chocolate.’

They left the clinic and so did the footprint on the paper. Both left a lesson behind.