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Mobile Mammography Units

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, a new mobile mammography unit was launched in Bangalore. This is a joint venture between Narayana Hospitals and is partly supported by the Nilekani family.  This is the second functional unit in the city and it will help in spreading Breast Cancer Awareness. Similar units are functional in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and UP.




These units not only help in conducting mammograms, which help in early detection of lesions but also create awareness regarding breast cancer by distributing educational material and training women to carry out breast self examination. With the increasing incidence of breast cancer, more mobile units are required in the country to reach out to the masses.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Mammography Units

  1. Hello,
    My name is Jayshri Rami. Can you give me some more info on the mammo mobile unit as our hospital is trying to purchase one in Gujarat, India. We are trying to bring breast cancer awareness in the area and doing as many camps as possible but so much of India’s population is rural it would be easier to go to them by having a mobile unit. Please send details via email.
    Thank you,
    Jayshri Rami

  2. Hello Dr. Rohan,

    I had written to you just in last month that I come to India every jan, feb and March to do breast awareness, education and prevention programs in Khambhat, gujarat. I see that a mobile mammography unit will be inaugurated on world cancer day, feb 4th. Is their a possibility to send the unit here for camp? Or if you know of a hospital in gujarat that has a mobile mammography unit I can contact. We have a mammogram machine at the hospital but we can do so many in one day.

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you,

    Jayshri Rami

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