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High fat diet increases the risk of breast cancer


Diet rich in fatty food might be very appealing to the palate and stomach but it can increase one’s chances of getting breast cancer.

A study carried out at Michigan State University suggests that a diet high in saturated animal fats not only increases the chances of developing breast cancer but also speeds up the disease process.

The researchers have cautioned that consuming high fat diet during puberty can increase the chances of breast cancer in women and the effects might be permanent. Even if a lower fat diet is followed later in life, the effects cannot be reversed. This study was carried out in mice and human studies are required to further strengthen the evidence.

Human studies have already proven that obesity is a risk factor for breast cancer as it increases the levels of estrogen in the body. High fat diet is a major contributor to teenage obesity and might be an independent risk factor for breast cancer as well.

Another study published in Nutrients, revealed that smoking and diets rich in animal products have the strongest correlations with cancer incidence rates.

The strongest correlation with animal products was seen in cancers of the female breast, corpus uteri, kidney, ovaries, pancreas, prostate, testicles, and thyroid, and in multiple myeloma.

These studies clearly highlight the importance of diet in the development of cancer. Women should be cautious of this fact and cut down on fatty foods specially during puberty!

Healthy practices to avoid breast cancer:

  1. Avoid a high fat diet
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Keep BMI < 25kg/m2

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