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Breast cancer cases in India to double by 2030

Currently, one in 23 Indian women develop breast cancer, but a recently concluded study states that the numbers are going to double by 2030 –Breast cancer cases to double by 2030: Study – Times Of India.

India is on the brink of a breast cancer epidemic and the question is that is it really prepared to handle this epidemic?

This study highlights some important facts:

  1. 115,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year and this number will double by 2030.
  2. Indian breast cancer presents a decade earlier than the Western world. This means Indian women in their thirties and forties will bear the brunt of this epidemic. As screening mammograms are not very useful in this age group, it cannot be used as an effective screening modality.
  3. Increasing longevity and lifestyle changes have been attributed to this sudden rise in the number of breast cancer cases.

There are some more shocking facts about Breast Cancer in India, which have been highlighted by other studies.

  1. Lack of awareness about this disease compounded by the lack of screening guidelines in the country, leads to majority of the patients presenting with locally advanced breast cancer. A study which I published in the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine, couple of years back, highlights this problem – Patient and provider delays in breast cancer patients attending a tertiary care centre: a prospective study.
  2. The above mentioned study also highlights the lack of preparedness of the medical system to tackle with this epidemic. There are very few centres in India, which are providing dedicated Breast Cancer Services. These facts should trigger a positive change in the medical system and more emphasis should be paid to develop dedicated breast cancer units across the country.

As it is extremely difficult to develop screening guidelines for breast cancer in our country, I feel increasing awareness about this disease is the first thing which we should focus on, in addition to developing a more comprehensive breast cancer service in our country.


4 thoughts on “Breast cancer cases in India to double by 2030

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  2. I would suggest that prevention and lifestyle changes are at least as important as breast cancer screening procedures. Indian women should cut out sugar, wheat and wheat products like pasta, bread and other starchy foods; balance hormones and treat estrogen dominance with bioidentical progesterone creams. Read this blog about bioidentical hormone replacement:
    Women should reduce alcohol intake or avoid it completely and exercise regularly. Also, adopt a Mediterranean type diet minus grains and pasta. These few suggestions, if taken seriously, would remove 80% to 90% of breast cancer.

  3. Though I’m not from medical field, but I use to read about such blogs and health tips and Thank you Rohan for sharing such a list of facts about breast cancer. I’m agree with you that there are very few centres in India, which are providing dedicated Breast Cancer Services, but in India I think its ok if they do not have dedicated service provider, but what is more important is service provider and general awareness. In India people do not have idea about cancer precautions and hospitals so government should do something which can spread awareness against such severe diseases. There are few more websites where we can find some general question about breast cancer and their precaution –

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