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Journal of Young Medical Researchers


Journal of Young Medical Researchers is an Open Access Journal which publishes articles related to all fields of medicine. In addition to an online journal, a print version of the journal will be released every 6 months.

The journal aims at nurturing the young scientific mind. The mission is to be a tool for the young mind to harness his/her skills as an author. It also intends at being an educative experience for zealous researchers with a high quality of standards. The journal goals at encouraging young medical researchers to develop the ability and a habit to publish, as well as to demystify the process of publishing an article . The journal ensures that all communication with the author (who is perceived to be a young medical researcher) is made unambiguous and highly comprehensive, so that the young researcher will not only have the opportunity of having his/her article published (in the event that we find such manuscript to be up to the standards with which the journal operates), but will also have the chance to acquire better manuscript writing and researching skills after comments of the review and editorial board. 

 We are strongly committed to quick and high grade publishing of quality articles through our journal. An article would typically get published online within a month of acknowledgement of manuscript submission from author(s), although this is only in the event that we find the manuscript up to the standards with which our journal operates. Therefore, by submitting their articles to the Journal of Young Medical Researchers (JYMR), author(s) have a chance of having their articles published within few weeks of submission (only if such articles meet the required standards, and are found to be publishable).

Any correctly formatted manuscript (with respect to the guidelines laid down for authors) submitted to JYMR will be sent for peer review after initial assessment by the editorial board. The final decision on all manuscripts will be taken by the editorial board, with special reference to the recommendations of the reviewers. All accepted manuscripts and published articles will (as a whole and in part) become the property of JYMR which will own the entirety of the copyright.

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Dr. Rohan Khandelwal
Department of Onco-plastic Breast Surgery
Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center
Narayana Hrudalaya Health City
Bangalore – 560100

Email: rohankhandelwal@gmail.com


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