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Smile language


I recently started working at a Cancer center in Bangalore and I am not fluent in Kannada (the local language). This poses a challenge when I am communicating with my patients. In the OPD my colleagues help me out but during the morning rounds there is a problem as most of the nurses (being Malyali), don’t understand Kannada very well either.

Although I have always used “smile language” with my patients in the past but over the last few days I seem to be using it more frequently and effectively. Every morning I greet the patients with a smile and get a lot of information about their condition without speaking a word. Rest of the conversation takes place in ‘sign’ language (another universal language) and broken Kannada. Patients also respond in the same language and a patient’s smile can answer many questions without a word being spoken.

This approach not only provides key information about the patient’s condition but also helps in making a rapport with the patient and is an integral part of the doctor-patient relationship.

Everyone (specially doctors) should follow this universal language, when interacting with people!! 🙂 🙂


15 thoughts on “Smile language

  1. it works at times sir. in my coll most of t patients r malayali and kannadigas. its nice to learn languages.

  2. Though my roots trace back to bangalore,staying in delhi always has made my kannada skills lag! so try to pick up with each visit thr. im sure a smile n namaskara wd mk a good beginning:)
    Ninege shubhvanu harayisuhene wd the language!! Hope i’ve gt it right

  3. I always smile to everyone I see in the street, shop or anywhere… It’s great when you get a smile back. Sometimes it takes a while, but I keep on smiling… 😉

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