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New meaning of ‘Trust’

Skydiving in UK

Skydiving in UK

Like most of us during childhood, I also wanted to fly and as I grew old I thought that Sky diving is the closest I am going to come to flying. During my visit to UK for my MRCS convocation ceremony, I decided to pursue my dream and booked a jump at Hinton Airfield (close to London).

The whole skydiving experience was amazing but it taught me a very important lesson about TRUST, which I felt was applicable during cancer treatment as well. Although comparing skydiving to cancer treatment would be like comparing apples to oranges but I would try to draw some comparisons to make my point.

Jumping from an airplane at 14,000 ft strapped to an instructor whom I had met for the first time that morning was a terrifying proposition but to fulfil my dream and I  had to trust him. I was completely dependent on him to make it a ‘once in a life time experience’ and MORE IMPORTANTLY get me to the ground ALIVE. Similarly, a patient diagnosed with cancer approaches an unknown doctor (unless the patient comes from a family of doctors) to help them battle the disease and help them live. Trust in both cases is of paramount importance. In my personal experience, I have seen patients who have trusted the team of doctors doing well and suffering from less anxiety and side effects as compared to patients who shop for doctors and delay their treatment because of that.


7 thoughts on “New meaning of ‘Trust’

  1. so true sir…. faith plays a very important role in every aspect of life… n this faith is responsible for a good doctor-patient relationship..

    • Exactly my point. Today in the opd, I came across an educated lady with an advanced carcinoma adamant on getting a breast conservation and skipping chemo. She has already consulted 3 doctors previously who have advised her MRM & chemo but she is not willing to understand. She was extremely disappointed when we told her the same thing and I am sure she is going to shop for more doctors and unnecessarily delay her treatment.

  2. Rohan, very well written. Trust is very important in every doctor-patient relationship. The patient needs to have some degree of trust in the doctor to be treated properly. However, in your case of flying one needs to have complete trust in the instructor otherwise one may not take the jump at all. It is a matter of choice, not compulsion. But in case of a patient, he/she needs to go to some or other doctor, whether fully trusting or not. In your case, you were fulfilling your dream of flying. In case of a patient, sometimes it is the matter of life and death, so no choice but to go to a doctor, and generally people trust doctors even if meeting for the first time.

    • Very true uncle. For me it was a matter of choice, not compulsion but a patient has to take the plunge no matter what. That is why I have written that the two things are not comparable. The only thing they have to decide is which doctor to choose. My point is that they should have faith in the treating doctor, as it helps them tide over the tough phase of their lives with relative ease.

  3. I would also like to share my experience on this….
    A little 3 year old girl with an enucleated right eye due to retinoblastoma came to me with left mandibular metastasis and CSF dissemination of the disease…poor parents have had been so regular with the chemo-radiotherapy for the past 2 years despite living far off in the interiors of Haryana. they have now been explained about the grave prognosis but it is the trust of her father in the doctors that he has left his job and moved to Delhi to fight with her daughter against cancer…

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